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About us:
Pahalgam Hotel and Restaurant Owners Association (PHROA) is a vibrant and energetic hospitality association which was started by a group of Hoteliers and Restaurant owners to safe guard their interests and unite themselves under one roof for the mutual benefit of the hospitality industry in early 1980’s.

PHROA’s Executive Managing Committee has been working tirelessly ever since to shape a bright future of the hospitality industry in Jammu and Kashmir. The Executive Managing Committee includes budding hoteliers to industry veterans who collectively combine the experience as well as fresh out of the box ideas which helps the hospitality to tackle the problems faced by the industry and to shape the future of the hospitality industry in the best possible manners.

PHROA’s mission is to secure the hospitality industry of Pahalgam its due place in the state’s economy. To build and reveal the true image of hospitality of Jammu and Kashmir as well as to play an active role in promotion of travel and tourism.


  • To watch over and protect the general interests of Hotel and Restaurant Owners.
  • To urge support or oppose legislative and other measures connected industry to procure Restaurant industry to procure change in existing laws and practices affecting Hotel and Restaurant trade.
  • To organize and promote travel and tourism for Jammu and Kashmir.
  • To contribute to employment generation and sustainable economic and social development.
  • To create long term careers and opportunities for upward mobility of hospitality.
  • To conserve the ecosystem of the state and taking measures for its betterment.
  • To establish unity among the Hotel and Restaurant owners.

Organizational Structural:
PHROA’s Organizational structure includes team of dedicated Office Bearers, Executive Managing committee and Past Presidents. Elections are held in every two years to nominate Office Bearers and Executive Managing committee.

From President


Pahalgam Hotel & Restaurant Owners Association (PHROA) is pleased to launch 4th Edition of its Members' Directory & Travel Guide-20i6.The bygone Editions of this Directory & Travel Guide were greatly acknowledged by the tourism fraternity of Pahalgam and other patrons of this Association as it has served as a compendious tourist handbook for Pahalgam. This savoir faire has given us impetus to bring out this 4th Edition of PHROA Directory & Travel Guide even more meticulously to cater to the day today needs of every intend¬ing tourist in Pahalgam.

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